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With seriousness and humor I trigger the responsibility and joy of improving workplaces and ultimately a better world. Indeed we are all co-Creators!

I facilitate large group processes for organisations all over Scandinavia, to improve culture, communication and learning capacity. I coach leaders, individuals and workgroups to perform with wisdom and clarity in accordance with their visions and core values.

Using action methods and other creative and artistic input, I help organisations explore and understand current challenges and broaden their perspectives to find good solutions and steps forward. I add creativity and playfulness to the process, involving the whole person in reflection and learning. I like to say that I ”make space to make sense”. Action methods help activate and visualize relevant issues of the organisation, involving the whole group and strengthening their own creative resources.

I also bring Playback Theatre; an interactive dialogical tool. With its unique blend of poetic resonance of words and enactment, we move people. Audiences are empowered and validated in a very out-of-the-box way.

CV in brief
  • Trained pedagogue 
  • Director of Psychodrama(CP).
  • Experience from outplacement business and occupational health services.
  • Conductor, actor and trainer in Playback Theatre.
  • Certified trainer –  Core Competencies by Daniel Ofman
Current projects
  • Facilitation of three different large group conferences together with Teater X.

  • Facilitating a training program for change agents. Main content being a modification of psychodramatic methods and concepts into a relevant tool box for organisational settings in Oslo, Norway.

  • Enhancing and fostering two Playback Theatre – projects in Scandinavia