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I have no time to work with people who haven´t decided if they want to contribute to a more sustainable future or not.

There is no time for that. Neither for us or the world as we know it.

That position could be considered radical and perhaps a bit arrogant. And I guess that I have come to the conclusion that what is needed, is somewhat radical. And if not to be arrogant, so at least to be assertive enough to act and to accept some sacrifices.
It will take a lot of effort and it will cost us.

But I think we will succeed. I see all the potential, decisiveness and power to co-create around me and it makes me want to engage.

Would you like to join?

CV in brief
  • More than 20 years of experience of leadership, learning and change.
  • Works in English and Swedish
  • Experience of most sectors e.g. health care, NGO´s, finance, Universities, telecom, education, unions, energy, research, industrial, public organisations, military, police and commercial.
  • Facilitated multinational groups both in Europe and Asia
  • CEO of GPCC Implement AB (svb) – a non profit company owned by the University of Gothenburg
  • Certifications: Certified Professional Facilitator (International Association of Facilitators), UGL Facilitator – leadership development, Core Qualities Trainer, FamilyLab process leader, Teambook
  • Behavioral sciences at University of Gothenburg 
  • Faculty member at IFL – Stockholm School of Economics and FamilyLab.
  • Co-writer of the anthology: Personcentrering inom hälso- och sjukvård, Liber.
  • Board member in both NGO´s and companies.

Current projects
  • Innovating methods and structures for a large-scale implementation of Person-Centred Care within the Swedish and European health care system.

  • Supporting an environmental Non Governmental Organization in broadening their facilitation skills and developing their meeting culture, involving their stakeholders.

  • Piloting a model for Social Innovation and non-profit utilisation of research within the University of Gothenburg.