Pontus Holmgren

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The co-creation that yesterday seemed so far away was suddenly happening in the room, here and now.

In that moment we started to work as if we were one. We were in contact with our selves, each other, the past and our common intention – all at the same time. Facilitating processes like this and creating space for real connection is something that I find deeply satisfying. Innovating new ways of working that makes these connections possible is something that that gives me energy.

I think that the human brain can be used as a metaphor for organisations. The intelligence of the brain is not correlated with the quantity of brain cells, but rather the number of connections between the cells and the quality of the connections. I think the same is valid for organisations. The potential of creating relevant and qualitative relations between individuals and groups in organisations is enormous. Supporting collaboration and alignment towards a common higher purpose is a way to creating sustainable and effective organisations and a better world. That motivates me!

Current projects
  • NGO: Supporting a major Swedish NGO in reinventing its democratic process by facilitating collaboration across hierarchical, geographical and functional boundaries.

  • Construction company: Helping an international construction company to create a platform for change and training it’s leaders, enabling it to be a market leader in sustainable solutions.

  • Health & elderly care: Innovating methods and structures through co-worker driven pilots for a large-scale implementation of Person Centred Care within the Swedish health and elderly care systems.

CV in brief
  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Has worked with leadership and change for over 20 years.
  • Experience from different sectors e.g. NGO’s, energy, telecom, industrial, health care, finance, governmental offices, unions, public organisations, academies and research.
  • International assignments (Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Scandinavia)
  • Experience as entrepreneur and board member
  • Conductor, producer and actor, Teater X, Stockholm
  • Works in English and Swedish
  • Certifications: IAF Certified Facilitator, FIRO-B, Core Qualities Trainer, Teambook, IDI
  • Faculty member at IFL – Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm Stockholm University, Psychology department
  • Trained actor, Centre for Playback Theatre, NY and Royal academy of Dramatic arts, London