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”We have 246 years of collective competence in our group. What problem exist that we cant solve….if we use our knowledge?”

The art of making that happen, finding what blocks, opening doors and fully start using our knowledge as individuals and groups, is very much what  my work as a facilitator and consultant is about.

And today we have great challenges to face on all levels. More than ever we need to develop courage and good tools. Courage to leave the familiar and enter the unknown. Courage to be transparent and create early involvement in the development processes.  And good communication tools that creates understanding, common awareness and brings us forward.

I am a practitioner, and to help to face and handle these challenges and to contribute to new sustainable solutions, in my life and in others, is what motivates me in my daily life.

CV in brief
  • Has worked with learning processes, leadership- and organizational development for more than 30 years
  • Has experience from all kind of organisations and companies, NGO, governmental, private and family based
  • Faculty member at IFL – Stockholm School of Economics
  • Film production, short essential films about big important issues
  • Diploma ICF Coach, Core Qualities Certified, GDQ – Group Dynamic Questionaire, Farax 360.
  • Stockholm Institute of Education, Stockholm University, program leader and expert
  • Gestalt Therapist, educated at Gestalt Academy in Scandinavia
  • Seminars in Brief Solutions – Steve de Shazer, Ben Furman
  • Sociology, Pedagogic Drama, Uppsala University
  • Educated teacher, Gävle Institute of Education
  • Works in Swedish and English
Current projects
  • Development projects in a Swedish Governmental organization

  • Management group development, companies in Sweden, Russia and Germany.

  • Supporting development of a Swedish NGO with a film project