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”There are precious moments that I’d like to call “near-life experiences”, when the air is vibrant of energy and people are connected to a new possible future ready to be born. Creating and curating contexts where those mind shifting conversations arise is my passion and the essence of what I have to offer.”
I am an organizational consultant bringing more than two decades of experience from realizing the potential in leaders, leadership teams and whole organizations. I operate from a deep conviction that the outer, visible parts of organizational life is a mirror image of the inner, often hidden aspects. My work is centered around ways to facilitate the decoding and upgrade of the inner Operating Systems (iOS) of organizations and the key people and groups that populate them. Authenticity, awareness and accountability are qualities that I wish to elicit both in myself and the people I collaborate with.

CV in brief
  • Ph.Lic. from Stockholm School of Economics, Centre for Advanced Studies in Leadership.
  • Associated fellow to GRO AB, DigJourney AB and SelfLeaders AB.
  • Global Head of Leadership and Organizational Development at Telia Company and SEB.
  • Director of The Wallenberg Institute.
  • Program Director at IFL Executive Education, Stockholm School of Economics.
  • Member of management teams.
  • Broad experience from working in international corporations with multicultural teams.
  • Works in English or Swedish.
  • Licensed senior trainer in The Human Element® & Radical Collaboration®.Other certifications (selection): The Leadership Circle®, Core Qualities, GDQ Trainer, Teambook.

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Current projects
  • Public service organization: supporting culture transformation into more collaborative, trust-based organization, supporting management teams and the Learning & Development organization.
  • Language tech industry: design and facilitation of development processes for the Executive Management Team, and a tailored leadership development program for all managers in the company.
  • Stockholm School of Economics: Faculty and coach, Bachelor Program in Retail Management
  • Speaker and facilitator; in workshops and conferences around topics on leadership, self-leadership and teaming.