GPCC Implement

GPCC Implement supports healthcare organisations in developing a person-centred line of work. GPCC Implement AB (svb) is a non-profit organisation, owned by GU Ventures, the holding company of the University of Gothenburg.

Based on recent research on person-centred care and proven change methodology, GPCC Implement offers strategic support for management and hands-on coaching to operational units, with the ambition to develop a person-centred approach.



Teater X

Teater X has been in service of the Scandinavian society since 1999, giving public performances and workshops for the development of organisations. Teater X uses an interactive improve-form called Playback theatre that has its roots in experimental theatre and storytelling. In a Playback performance, that often has a theme, the actors mirror what the audience share with a magical blend of poetry, music and movement. A Playback performance is a “here and now” experience and is always unique since it is improvised and not based on a script. TeaterX is performing and giving workshops in Swedish, Norwegian and English.